Thunderdome the movie - in production -
A feature length documentary about the history and revival of Thunderdome.
Prod.Comp.: Deep thought Productions
Co-prod.Comp.: 2CFILMS
Distribution: Just Film Distribution
Directors: Ted Alkemade & Vera holland

DoP: Bob Alkemade
Beyond Mountains
A poetic documentary about the mental journey of three climbers on Mount Kilimanjaro.
Producer: Lex Szanto / ALLY.Amsterdam
Dir. and Camera: Ted Alkemade & Gábor Deák
Edit: Doug Hancock
Music: Michel Banabila, Salar Asid, Mehmet Polat
Grading: Barry Clarke, Quianwai Tong / Captcha!
3LAB Documentary 'Thunder' about two autistic friends on a journey to the opening of a new rollercoaster in Sweden.
Producer: KRO-NCRV
Director: Ted Alkemade & Vera Holland
DoP: Bob Alkemade
Music: Sander Oskamp & Alistair Sung
Grading: Koerst van der Ploeg / Ambassadors
Wij Jagen
We hunt is a visual portrait centred on the topic of hunting that depicts the authentic story of hunters.
Producer: KRO-NCRV
Director: Ted Alkemade & Vera Holland
Narrator: Bjorn van der Veen
Camera: Bob Alkemade & Salih Kilic
Edit: Ted Alkemade
Music: Lennert Busch
Grading: Bob Alkemade
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